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Permanent Record

October 18 - November 22, 2019

Reception for the Artist: Friday, October 18th, 5-7pm

Catalog available


By Alessia Carlino 

"The body is many things together: theme, figure of the intersection between exterior and plural, stylistic intensity in writing, even autobiographical and existential".

The words of the French philosopher Jean-Luc Nancy trace the signs of Jeff Schneider's painting: the body, in the faces portrayed by the artist, is not only a symbolic structure, but also a physical object that collects the aesthetic perceptions of a composition.

In Schneider's works femininity is sedimented matter, into his traces of color, in his abstract lines, the body becomes a reverberation, a reflection of the artist's identity.

The physiognomies interfere with the space generating an invisible place, it is the prose of an environmental structure where a complex mutation carried out by the artist through his technical abundance, and scarred by the absorption of the real insinuates: "nothing more proper, nothing more foreign to our old world. Own body, foreign body, foreign body”, emphasizes Nancy.

Noli Me Tangere in Latin literally means "you can't touch me", this impossibility, this interdiction, is a lack, a body removed from the touch. In Schneider's work, the concept analyzed in the Christian iconography translates into the view of an inviolable subject.

The physiognomic presence of the body is nothing but absence, the sliding towards something intangible.

This does not mean that the artist's representations tell of an immaterial and spectral body, its presence is the proof of an indefinable reality, but at the same time, the body retracts into contact, since not touching it, we can assist to its eternity.

Born and raised in Rome, Alessia Carlino, is an art historian, curator and contributing writer to InsideArt and L´Aperitivo Illustrato. She is also an artistic director of SpazioMR a gallery located in Via del Babuino in Rome, where she has curated several exhibitions.

Her latest show with Micaela Lattanzio opens this October at the Emme Otto gallery in Rome. 

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Jeff Schneider

Was born in Bethesda, Maryland and received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from Miami University and his Master of Fine Arts from the University of Cincinnati. After moving to New York, Schneider worked as a studio assistant for many of New York's most recognized artists, notably Moira Dryer, Ron Gorchov, Dorothea Rockburne, Janet Fish, Chuck Close and David Salle. By taking advantage of their generational perspectives, Schneider could see first hand the inner workings of not only their relevant studios but also the gallery system that these artists worked within. Schneider has lectured at Hunter College in New York and The Dun Loaghaire Institute of Art in Dublin and has taught at the college level as an adjunct professor. His early exchibitions included “Presentational Painting” curated by Sanford Wumfeld at Hunter College and the “East-West Culturals Studies” curated by Robert Storr, a relationship that led to numerous projects at the Museum of Modern Art. Recently, working with the NYC Department of Education, Schneider has created and facilitated an after school program for Middle School Visual Arts Department, inspiring and exposing students to more in depth artistic techniques and concepts. Schneider has twice been nominated for the prestigious Rome Prize.
Selected Exhibitions
2019 - Mosaic Artspace / Permanent Record / Queens, NY
2019 - So Fine Art Editions / Summer Group Show / Dublin, Ireland
2019 - Oliver Sears Gallery / In Living Memory at Elmo Court / Ireland
2019 - Oliver Sears Gallery / Press Play / Dublin, Ireland
2018 - VUE art fair / Oliver Sears Gallery / Dublin, Ireland
2018 - Oliver Sears Gallery / Salon, Selected works / Dublin, Ireland
2018 - The Factory LIC / Summer Exhibition 2018 / Long Island City, NY
2017 - Arturo Gallery / Figure & Form / Providence, RI
2016 - Oliver Sears Gallery / London Art Fair / London, UK
2015 - ArtProv Gallery / Art Basel Miami Beach / Miami, FL
2015 - Oliver Sears Gallery / In Residence / London, UK
2015 - ArtProv Gallery / Clothing Optional / Providence, RI
2015 - One Art Space / Williamsburg on Warren / New York, NY
2015 - Royal Hibernian Academy 185th Annual Exhibition / Dublin, Ireland
2015 - Oliver Sears Gallery / Jeff Schneider & Nest Design / Dublin, Ireland
2014 - ArtProv Gallery / Patterns and Perspectives / Providence, RI
2013 - So Fine Art Editions / National Contemporary Art Fair 2013 / Dublin, Ireland
2012 - Royal Hibernian Academy 182 Annual Exhibition (invited artist) /Dublin, Ireland
2011 - Hillsboro Fine Art / New York Paintings / Ross Bleckner and Jeff Schneider Dublin, Ireland
2010 - Allen Gallery / Brooklyn Academy of Music / Annual Benefit Auction /Brooklyn, NY
2009 - Hillsboro Fine Art / New York Contemporary / Donald Baechler, Ross Bleckner, Julian Schnabel, Jeff Schneider / Dublin, Ireland
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Mosaic ArtSpace (MAS) is a multi-discipline art venue that aspires to showcase and promote various artistic endeavors with outreach to painters, sculptors, musicians, video, performance, installation artists. 
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