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June 3 - October 21, 2022

Reception for the Artist
Friday, June 3rd, 5-8pm

1. Mechanical Landscape 1 - Lithopne White -_GIANLUCA BIANCHINO.jpg
Gianluca Bianchino: Depicting Upheaval and Disorder
By Jeanne Brasile

Gianluca Bianchino’s wall sculptures are forces of nature, or rather, they are impressions of natural phenomena. His sculptures convey the disruptive and unpredictable power of terrestrial and astronomical forces. Arriving in the United States after an earthquake in his native Italy displaced him and his family, the artist’s work can be con- strued as a response to the upheaval and disorder experienced in his early childhood.

Fusing raw energy with chaos, the surfaces of his work are filled with dense, overlapping planes and jutting forms usually arranged over areas of negative space. The busy surfaces are often unified using bold monochrome colors and tones. The artworks are by-products of a profound physical, psychological and geospatial disruption - and they are Bianchino’s way of processing events that defy meaning.

In addition to depicting tectonic and geological forces, Bianchino is equally interested in the instability of astro- nomical and cosmic phenomena such as black holes, coronal mass ejections and dark matter. He constructs com- plex arrangements of materials such as wood, found objects and papier mâché - layering them in a manner that demonstrates the influences of assemblage as well as constructivism - at times roughly constructed - and in other pieces - sleekly and coolly presented. This duality typifies Bianchino’s artistic output - objects that attempt to depict the disorder and entropy found in natural systems as a means to comprehend the incomprehensible.

Wall sculptures such as Mechanical Landscape #2 in Deep Blue with its brilliant blue pigment and wooden geo- metric surface emphasizes the notion of movement and the coldness of astronomical exploration - a recurring theme in his work. The sense of movement is heightened by the shadows that play upon the surface, cast from other parts of the relief onto itself, the void, and the wall. This effectively obliterates the confines of the quadri- lateral support and brings the work more directly into the space of the viewer. The uniform surface balances the ballistic movement suggested by the jutting wooden planes, erupting tubes and metal parts which evoke notions of solar flares or galactic bodies in orbit.

Works like his Eidos Faux series follow a more rigid rectangular format on which Bianchino builds upon a wooden frame overlaid with photographic imagery sourced from his site-specific installations or video environments. The photographs become the foundation for layered materials such as wooden dowels, chips and shapes that are painted and accented with metal hardware. The printed images are the residue of site-specific installations and ephemeral works. His recursive approach - creating new, more permanent work scavenged from temporal pieces long-disassembled - disrupts our sense of time along with notions of decay, ephemerality and infinity while visually encapsulating laws of physics relating to matter and energy.

Gianluca Bianchino’s artworks are simultaneous and complementary investigations into the very nature of matter, the universe and being. He examines the tenuous and fragile components of nature and life as well as their raw power. Though inspired by hard scientific theory, his work can often be poetic and lyrical. He frequently employs repetition of form, line, and color to move the viewer’s attention throughout the work - and sometimes the ac- companying wall, floor, or ceiling space. His artworks explode, expand, contract, twist and spiral. His surfaces are never at rest, never static - reflecting the universal forces he’s portraying, but also the vagaries of our human existence.

Catalog available

Gianluca Bianchino

Born May 13, 1977


Gianluca Bianchino is a multimedia artist and curator living and working in Northern New Jersey.  Inspired by physics and architecture, his work is focused on immersive installations and interactive sculptures that often engage with optics and technology. Whether working in 2D or 3D, Bianchino tends to consistently express lyrical qualities that stem from a background in painting and an interest in astronomy.

Originally from Italy, he attended an Architectural magnet school before relocating to the US where he received a BFA in painting from New Jersey City University, and an MFA from Montclair State University focused on sculpture and installation. 

Bianchino is currently an adjunct professor of art at Montclair State University, William Paterson University and at the Borough of Manhattan Community College.  He exhibits regularly throughout the greater New York area as well as internationally.  Recent exhibits include: Suzhou Art Center (Suzhou, China), Governor’s Island Art Fair, The Painting Center, Chashama, Rooster Gallery, The Islip Museum in Islip NY, The Hunterdon Museum in Clinton NJ, and solo exhibits at New Jersey City University and Index Art Center, NJ. He has been a Resident Artist at Ramapo College, The Center for New Art at William Paterson University, ESKFF at Mana Contemporary, Gallery Aferro, and Gilbertsville Expressive Movement.

Bianchino’s work has been written about in Arte Fuse, Sculpture Magazine, Nautilus Magazine, Tussle Magazine, The New Jersey Star Ledger, and the New York Times. His work can be viewed at 

2022 - HCAD Gallery, NJIT, Newark, NJ, Abstract Geometries (Two Person)
2021 - Gallery Bergen, BCC, Paramus, NJ An Attempt to Communicate with Reality (Solo)
2019 - Visual Art Galery, NJCU, Jersey City, NJ Uncharted Space (Solo)
2016 - Rooster Gallery, New York, NY, The Big Empty (Two Person)
2015 - Hunterdon Museum of Art, Clinton, NJ, Through the Lens (Two Person)
2014 - Firehouse Art Center, Newark, NJ, Space-Time Discontinuum (Solo)
2012 - Index Art Center, Newark, NJ, Temporary Bodies (Solo)
2008 - Gallery Aferro, Newark, NJ Wall Drifts (Solo)                 
2006 - Walsh Gallery, SHU, South Orange, NJ, Spatial Conditions (Solo)
2003 - ArtforChange Gallery Harlem, New York, NY. Trans-Substantia (Two Person)
2001 - Courtney Gallery, NJCU, Jersey City, NJ, The Humanoid Landscape (Solo)
2021 - The Morris Museum, Morristown, NJ, Natural Essence
2019 - Gilbertsville Expressive Movement Gallery, Gilbertsville, NY, Expressions
 - Walsh Gallery, SHU, S.Orange, NJ, Strange Attractors
 - Silermine Art Center, New Canaan, CT, Group Show
 - Index Art Center, Newark NJ, Between Wisdom and Madness
2018 - Silvermine Art Center, New Canaan, CT, 68th Art of the Northeast
 - Novado Gallery, Jersey City, NJ, Off the Wall
 - Index Art Center, Newark, NJ, Earth N’ Sky
2017 - Governor’s Island Art Fair “10th Anniversay”, New York, NY, GIAF 2017
 - Suzhou Culture and Art Center, Suzhou, China, The Apotheosis of Homer
 - Governor’s Island, NY, Sculptor’s Guild 80th Anniversary Exhibit
 - Progetto PERASPERA, Bologna, Italy, RAID Advertisement 
2016 - Lite Haus Gallery, Berlin, Germany, Borderless (NYFA)
2015 - Teckningsmuseet, Laholm, Sweden, Prime Matter
 - Islip Museum, Islip, NY, Compendium Court Gallery, WPU, Wayne, NJ, Close
 - Encounters Walsh Gallery, SHU, S. Orange, NJ, Getting to Infinity
2014 - Sena Space, New York, NY, Prime Matter
 - Index Art Center, Newark, NJ, Chapter 237
2013 - NYFA, New York, NY, Pangea
 - Chashama (Chelsea), New York, NY, If the Present is not to Disappear 
 - Painting Center, New York, NY, Working it out
 - Dolphin Gallery-Paterson Art Walk, Paterson, NJ, Industrialism
 - Prospect Firehouse Gallery, Newark, NJ, Unbound #4
2012 - Byrdcliffe Center for theArts, Woodstock, NY, The Sky is Falling - 
 - Walsh Gallery, SHU, South Orange, NJ, Linear Thinking
 - T. Maloney Gallery, CSE, Morristown, NJ, The Abstract Universe
2011 - College of Art Association, Hunter College, New York, NY Area MFA Exhibit
 - University of Mary Washington Galleries, Friedericksburg, VA, Shades of Grey
 - Sideshow, Brooklyn, NY, We Are We Make
 - Rogue Video and Perfromance, Newark, NJ, Letting Go
2010 - Index Art Center, Newark, NJ, Don’t Look Now
 - T. Maloney Gallery, CSE, Morristown, NJ, New Classicism
 - Index Art Center, Newark, NJ, Into the Void
 - T. Maloney Gallery, CSE, Morristown, NJ, Who We Are
2009 - Morris Arts Council, Morristown, NJ, From Here to There
 - Newark Open Doors, Newark, NJ, Freestyle 
 - City Without Walls, Newark, NJ, The Cost of Freedom
 - Gallery Aferro, Newark, NJ, OMG Aferro
2008 - The Metro Show 28 (Travelling Exhibit) - -       
 - The Sketchbook Project (Travelling Exhibit) Walsh Gallery, SHU, South
 - Orange, NJ, Paperwork Victory Arts Project, Jersey City, NJ, 2-D Lifecycle
 - Exit Art, New York, NY, It’s Not Easy Rupert Ravens Contemporary, Newark, NJ, Surfactant Walsh Gallery, SHU, South Orange, NJ windows@walsh 
 - Your Document Please (Traveling Exhibit)                            
 - Victory Arts Project, Jersey City, NJ, It’s only natural
2007 - NJIT Art Gallery, Newark, NJ, The Modified History of downtown Newark
 - Gallery The, Brooklyn, NY, Pause
 - Gallery Aferro, Newark, NJ, Desideratum
 - City Without Walls, Newark, NJ, Daylight Savings 
 - Gallery Aferro, Newark, NJ, Someday this will all be(  ) 
 - Red Saw Gallery, Newark, NJ, Filmideo 2
 - Meyerson Hall, University of Pennsylvania, After Urban
2006 - National Center for Contemporary Arts, Moscow, Russia, Temporary Cities
 - Mana Fine Arts, Jersey City, NJ, What Have You Got To Say 
 - River’s Edge Film Festival, Paducah, KY 
 - Red Saw Gallery, Newark, NJ, Filmideo
2005 - Bound_les, digital mail art (Traveling Exhibit)
 - Il Pettirosso, Venticano, Italy, Il contemporaneo nella Cultura Popolare
2002 - Montclair Art Museum, Montclair, NJ, Artrisin’
 - Jadite Gallery, New York, NY Artrisin’
2001 - Puffin Cultural Center, Teaneck NJ, Conscience in Exile
 - Sumei Arts Center, Newark, NJ, Threshold 
2021 - Creative Catalyst Fund/Newark Arts, NJ
2019 - G.E.M. Residency, Gilbertsville, NY
2017 - Visiting Artist Residency, Ramapo College, Ramapo, NJ
 - Micro Residency, Center For New Art, William Paterson University,
 - Wayne, NJ
 - Sino-US Arts Exchange Award, Pan National Arts, Suzhou, China      
2015 - ESKFF Residency @Mana Contemporary, Jersey City, NJ
2014 - ESKFF Residency @Mana Contemporary, Jersey City, NJ
2013 - NYFA Immigrant Artist Mentorship Program, New York, NY
2009 - Sumei Multi-disciplinary Art Center, Newark, NJ Food for
 - Thought workshop
2008 - West Orange Energy Diet ’08, West Orange, NJ Public Art
 - Installation - Painted Recycle Bins
2007 - Gallery Aferro Residency, Newark, NJ, 2007
 - West Orange Energy Diet ‘07, West Orange, NJ, Public Art 
 - Installation – Painted Light Bulbs
2022 - Tussle Magazine, Abstract Geometries, by Jonathan Godoman, 
 - March 2022
 - The Newarker, Abstract Geometries, by Jeanne Brasile, March 2022
2019 - Arte Fuse, Bianchino at the NJCU Art Gallery, Jonathan Goodman,
 - January 2019
 - Riverview Observer, Sculpting Light and Space, by Sally Deering,
 - January 2019
2017 - Brooklyn Rail, Tortured Artist and Mad Scientist, by Wavelength,
 - December 2017
 - Nautilus Magazine, How Art Can Make the Data Pop, by Shannon
 - Hall, January 2017
2016 - Sculpture Magazine, Feature: Dispersing Energy and Form, 
 - by Jonathan Goodman, V-35- Nº 2, 3/16, p.50
2015 - New York Times, Islip Exhibition Explores How Science 
 - Influences Art, by Karen Lipson, 10/25, p.LI9
2013 - Sculpture Magazine, Review: Bianchino – Index, by Jonathan 
 - Goodman, Vol 32-Nº 3, April 2013, p.67
 - Ironbound Unbound, Bianchino Interview by Stephen Woods, 
 - October 2013, p.18
2008 - Co-Editor, Exhibition catalogue for Dialogue with an Ancient 
 - Forest, 3/08
2007 - The Star Ledger, W. Orange turning on energy 
 - conservation, 6/24/07, p.21
 - Co-Author, Exhibition catalogue for Escaping the Rectangle, 6/07
2003 - The Star Ledger, Young artists at work, 8/6/03, p.19
Mechanical Landscapes Studio shot_GIANLUCA BIANCHINO.jpg
2020 - Guest Speaker, Parsons School of Design, Pre-thesis Lecture 
 - Series, New Yor, NY
2018 - Guest Speaker, Art.Sci Affair Lecture Series, Pratt Institute,
 - Brooklyn NY
2017 - Panelist, Strange Attractors, Art and Science Conference, CUE 
 - Art Foundation, New York, NY
 - Guest Lecturer, Lecture Series, Ramapo College, Mahwah, NJ
 - Guest Artist and Speaker, Suzhou Art Center Culural Exchange 
 - Exhibit, Suzhou, China
2016 - Guest Lecturer and Studio Critique, Advanced Sculpture, 
 - New Jersey City University, Jersey City, NJ
 - Invited Speaker, ESKFF Residency Fundraiser, Mana 
 - Contemporary, Jersey City, NJ
2015 - Panelist, Tour the Universe, Sci Art, at Lower East Side Girls 
 - Club, New York, NY
2014 - Guest Lecturer, Post Graduate Art Practice, BFA Senior 
 - Seminar, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY
 - Guest Lecturer, “Exhibitions A – Z”, Museum Studies Program, SHU,
 - South Orange, NJ
2010 - Presenter, Artist Salon Critique, Index Art Center, Newark, NJ
2002 - Panelist, Conscience in Exile, Puffin Foundation, Teaneck, NJ
2020 - Co-Curator, Pandemic Projections, video projections, Singac, NJ
2019 - Co-Curator, Index Art Center, Newark, NJ, Making Time
2017 - Co-Curator, Index Art Center, Newark NJ, Light-Years Away
2016 - Co-Curator, Index Art Center, Newark NJ, The Particle and The Wave
2010 - Curator, Index Art Center, Newark NJ, Don’t Look Now
2007 - Co-Curator, Walsh Gallery, Seton Hall University, South Orange, NJ
 - Escaping the Rectangle: the Art of William Coronado
 - Co-authored exhibition catalogue
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