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Shuva Rahman


MARCH 2024

Reception for the Artist
Friday, March 15, 5-8pm

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Shuva Rahman
In Quest of Infinity

Shuva is an architect by profession and holds a bachelor’s degree in architecture from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, BUET. Shuva works at Columbia University Presbyterian as a senior project manager.
Her father Khalilur Rahman is a big influence in her life. Spontaneously her father  believed on her that she has potentiality to do sing, dance, paint and theater performance.

Throughout her career within the creative field of architecture, Shuva’s association with subject - content has spanned a variety of applied arts formats with a constant interest in fine arts painting.  Her formal applied arts practice expressed in everyday work environments is seen in multiple creative endeavors, as well as her lifelong practice in painting.  This recognition of the creative process that she applies to all of her life’s work, references a greater importance of creativity as a whole. She harnesses this thinking to everything which culminates in a natural depth of prospectus as well as chosen color schematics for her painting. Shuva migrates toward a darker palette of colors which is further enhanced by the use of oil paint as the preferred medium. Using pure pigments of oil paint sharpens the expressionistic approach to her work.
Mythic like landscapes is the primary concentration of her painting subject and narratives. Forest trees, vines, blue sky, lakes, and mountains cover the scenes. Through the use of a thickly developed impasto technique, portions of profiled figures sometimes emerge while leaning on abstract backgrounds. In“Blend in serenity” one sees a suggested landscape painting playfully filled with abstract markings of imagined locations.
Other creative outlets she has undertaken include the designing of stage plans and costumes for the theater. Shuva started painting from her childhood. She has a daughter named Basma Sheea. 
Her travels to various historical and traditional places around the world influence the content of the work. Shuva’s active mind is always thirsty for newfound experiences.

Catalog Available

Artist Statement

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“IN QUEST OF INFINITY”, the canvases are set to convey parts of mountains, sky, trees, sea, and old towns that are ruined. The artworks are established as a reflection of my free will and skill, openly applied.

The essence is to encapsulate my state of mind, and where each stanza is described in the movement of the brush, spatula, and application of color. The perception implied is described as “Dignified, self-conscious, against the wide blue screen”. The viewer will interpret the imagery of a series that is hung in sequence but acts as an off screen metaphor with 2-dimensional composition.


Many thanks to John Kalafatis the creator of Mosaic Artspace for his support of the Arts and artists and for the opportunity to exhibit. Special thanks to curators Andreas Kokkodis, James Triga for their innovative vision of the exhibition. Thank you to Ruslan Dimarsky who without him this exhibition will not be possible. I would also like to thank Mithun Ahmed for his unwavering support and inspirational insights into my paintings. Thank you to my daughter Basma Sheea for her continuing encouragement. I would like to dedicate the exhibition to my father Khalilur Rahman.

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T: 888.MOSAIC2

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