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"Garnering Images"

artist statement

My paintings are of a modernist minimalist aesthetic that explore the possibilities of linear composition with an expressionist affect. The subject matter is linear geometric spatial compositions

that are self-referential. There is no thematic narrative, particular theme or subject.

The lines, the texture, colors (or their absence) are the content and "meaning” of the painting.


My paintings have some formal characteristics: transitions of color, juxtapositions of curved forms next to straight lines, contrasts of hard/soft. The paintings are architectonic in appearance softened by painterly gestures and painterly mannerisms.

I do not search for anything in the work that I do. 

I don’t believe in metaphysics. Nothing that comes from “above”.

The pleasure is in the act of making the artwork.

I hope that my work gives aesthetic pleasure and inspiration.


I work alone. I do not exploit anyone’s labor.  I do not create surplus value.

The painter creates for his/her pleasure not for profit.

If the artist profits materially from his/her work, so be it, it is not the primary motive.

The artist may enter commodity relations, it’s part of the process of exchange with an audience.


The painter is not a genius. He/she is not adept at what he/she does.

Painting is not a grand gesture.

It is a process and a discovery. It’s play. The painter creates aesthetic joy. Joy in the beautiful or not so beautiful.


The painter is not / should not be a moralist. He/she may comment on various events.

The artist is not better than others. He/she does not possess loftier ideas. The artwork is an end in itself.

The artist does not have a world historical role. Events will take their course regardless of what he/she does.

Artists may not be of great character. 

Artists are often capricious, peculiar, idiosyncratic, ill-tempered and ill-mannered.

The artist aspires to become a better more useful person to others and society at large.


Demetrius Manouselis

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