November 19 - December 31, 2021

Reception for the Artist
Friday, November 19th, 5-8pm



This part of the exhibit showcases the power and tranquility of the protected wilderness of Patagonia. The land of receding glaciers, jagged mountains, thick forests, delicate buds and flowers, endangered species, howling winds and icy water captures both the majesty and surprising fragility of our planet, as well as the imagination of countless adventurous spirits throughout the world.

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Abandoned California

In this exhibit, California is showcased and highlighted in a way it rarely is, away from the beauty of the coast and the glamour of its big cities. Instead, I seek to learn my adopted state's history and the incoming waves of people that made the state the powerhouse it is today, by exploring all they left behind. In the abandoned mining towns, old rest stops of Route 66, and worker communities that built the Transcontinental Railroad, a different, but perhaps more accurate portrait of California emerges; one of a state that has been built on the ambitious dreams of many different and diverse waves of inhabitants, of a land that can be equal parts beautiful and inhospitable, of a place that inspired hope in equal measure with which it dashed it.

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Joanna Kalafatis

Joanna Kalafatis is a writer and photographer based in Los Angeles, California. Having lived in Greece, New York, London, and now Los Angeles, she has visited over 43 countries and documented her travels and experiences around the world on her blog, Her work in this exhibit highlights her fascination with the remote and with uninhabited places; whether protected natural expanses such as Patagonia, or the abandoned towns and institutions of the Western US, lost to time, surrounded by the harsh deserts and mountains of the land.
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